idk if im missing hybrid or twilight, but im craving a good werewolf roleplay

Make me choose between ___________ or __________.

Cookies and cream froyo, mint chocolate chip froyo? asked Anonymous

im the worst at answering asks i hate myself this is probably why no one ever sends me any asks

cookies and cream froyo: three things you can do to make me automatically like you

1. show interest in me aka ask me how my day was or ask me questions about myself, i love people who care and i love talking if you talk to me first

2. be funny which sounds vague but if you can make me laugh then you’ll be my favorite person in the world

3. kind of goes with the first one but care about what you’re talking about, i like having an intelligent conversation with someone who knows stuff and is passionate about it

mint choco froyo: three things i’m proud of

1. i have really good grades slash act score

2. i’m an njrotc drill commander

3. i’m pretty good at making some hella fine sims

has anyone written any meta about stiles and lydia and mountain ash? like how stiles managed to spread a handful a long distance or how the ash like practically jumped out of lydia’s hand onto the dock? i know there’s meta on the bit about stiles but i haven’t seen any comparing the two and what it means and it seemed like something pretty significant to me

one wayward child
yo, my name's sarah and i'm a television addict. i watch supernatural, teen wolf, and game of thrones. if you have a suggestion, let me know. i'm super friendly, so hmu.